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Information Security Monitoring

The ever growing amount of information data processed is today an issue as its management complexity becomes a vulnerability for many organizations. The need to have an holistic view of what is happening within an organizations network has become a priority for many and a must have for others, as this will enable them to proactively respond to security incidents.

Praesidium through its security monitoring services portfolio (delivered at its SIOC) will enable its clients with the security intelligence to know, on a continuous basis (real-time), which critical events exist and matter so that they can prioritize security risks and violations.



The provided services operate on a 3 stage basis:

The discovery stage responsible for the collection, archival, aggregation and correlation of millions of logs from different information sources (e.g. servers, databases, applications, network devices, IDS/IPS, mobile equipment, desktops and laptops) is supported by Praesidium’s central SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and logger platforms that generate automatic alarms based onconfigured security rules and policies aligned with business and technological requirements.

The gathered information and the resulting alarms are made available to the Security Analysts Team for a better understanding of its nature and impact on the business.

The understanding stage responsible for the analysis and evaluation of the security alarms together with additional security intelligence information available will enable the Security Analyst Team to decide whether to consider the alarm a potential security incident or not and to report it to the customer.

It is also at this stage that the Security Analyst Team implements and improves security rules and policies based on trends, patterns and false alarm information, in order to enrich the customer’s baseline rules.

The action stage is triggered by the reporting of the security incident which after evaluation by the customer’s IT Admin Teams will result into risk mitigation strategies definition and implementation.

This end-to-end service is delivered according to agreed SLA allowing thorough proactive threat vulnerability analysis and incident response.






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