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Auditing & Assessment

Praesidium’s auditing services are based in four main vectors:



These vectors  allow Praesidium to deliver several Auditing services, namely:

  • Disaster Recovery Emergency Drills
  • Penetration tests
    E-commerce and Websites, Internal & External IT Network, IT Wi-Fi, Servers & Databases.
  • Vulnerability Assessments
    Servers, Network devices, Database, Web Applications.
  • Audits
    Data Center Physical and Environmental Security Audit, Configuration Analysis and Evaluation, Security Architecture Audit (Logical & Physical), IT Policies & Processes Audit.

As a sequence of those services, our customers receive:

  • Executive reports, that are addressed for top level management describing an high level summary of risk exposure, key issues & action-items; key metrics to identify trends & patterns and root cause analysis to fix the underlying issues.
  • Technical reports, that are addressed for technical and operational teams giving detailed proof of concepts; expert developed reports to help your team understand issues.


Praesidium Assessment Services

Praesidium Assessment Services are based on assessing the technology deployed, the configurations, parameters & settings, access controls and data protection standards among others for the following areas:


AuditingAssessments 2


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