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Prepaid Scratch Card Voucher Security

Præsidium has established itself as one of the leaders in prepaid voucher integrity testing and in conducting fraud and security reviews of the manufacturing facilities for these products.

Prepaid Voucher Testing: Præsidium performs integrity tests of prepaid vouchers for both operators and vendors. Præsidium provides a comprehensive assessment report detailing all identified vulnerabilities of both plastic and paper based vouchers for conformance to specification, production quality and known fraud techniques.

Production Security Audit: This service can be commissioned by either an operator or vendor and encompasses all aspects of fraud and security risk. It incorporates the physical security design of production plants, via the voucher manufacturing and personalisation process, to the management of sensitive data and logistical practices. This enables Praesidium to determine end-to-end protection standards.

Prepaid Voucher Vendor Security Manual: Præsidium has produced a manual of best practices to enable an operator’s Security and Quality Teams to perform security reviews of manufacturing facilities. The manual incorporates a step-by-step guide to conducting an inspection and provides the auditor with the knowledge and capability to make a risk assessment of the overall standards and levels of protection in place. The manual also enables vendors to benchmark their operational practices to international standards to ensure they are producing and delivering secure products to the telecoms industry.
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