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Case Studies

CIS Region Tier 1 GSM Operator | GPRS & WLAN Services Security Review

Project: GPRS & WLAN Services Security Review


A comprehensive review of the GPRS and WLAN networks was undertaken, including the design and interconnection to the corporate and content provision areas. Præsidium's review included operations & maintenance and provisioning & billing record collection, as these areas impact significantly on the security of the GPRS and WLAN networks from both a customer and technical perspective.


A management report providing detailed analysis of the security risks of the GPRS and WLAN  networks from both the network operator's perspective and the operator's clients. Detailed technical and procedural security recommendations were provided throughout the report. Præsidium's assessment included deployment of its range of penetration test tools to check for security vulnerabilities both internally and externally.

Client Benefits

Using Præsidium's pioneering next generation fraud & security management techniques for IP networks, the client was able to evaluate in detail, the impact and effectiveness of their risk strategy and technical security deployment relating to GPRS and WLAN products and services. The review enabled the operator to maintain a high level of internal and perimeter security and the results of the penetration testing provided management with numerous corrective actions to implement.
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