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Case Studies

Western European Corporate (Non-Telecoms Operator) | PBX Audit

Project: PBX Audit


Præsidium undertook an audit of the client’s main internal telecom switches including its PBX, voicemail and associated equipment, following a major fraud being perpetrated using the client’s PBX system. The review included assessing the level of security and integrity of all voice systems deployed and an evaluation of fraud countermeasures in place.


Præsidium’s report included an assessment of the effectiveness of the security countermeasures implemented by the client.  Præsidium provided recommendations for corrective action to be deployed in both the short and longer term, involving procedural, organisational and technical countermeasures. This limited the client’s liability from an existing fraud incident and also to prevent future attacks.

Client Benefits

The investigative work undertaken, coupled with Præsidium’s negotiation skills, enabled the client to reduce their financial liability to the telecom operator following the fraud attack. A number of immediate recommendations requiring little implementation time or resource were identified and provided to the client during the course of the review so they could be rapidly implemented, in order to prevent a further PBX hacking attempt.

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