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Case Studies

Southern African Tier 1 GSM Operator | Risk Management Review

Overall risk mangement assessment including technical, procedural and organisational aspects of revenue assurance, fraud management, network security and business continuity.

Middle Eastern Tier 1 Fixed & Mobile Operator | Network & IT Security Audit

Audit of the fixed, mobile and datacoms network components to provide an accurate inventory and threats analysis of all systems and their interconnectivity.

Central European Tier 2 GSM Operator | Business Continuity Review (BCR)

Præsidium undertook a comprehensive review of the Business Continuity controls and processes already implemented by the client in order to assess whether an effective strategy and program was in place to protect the operator in this high risk environment.

Southern Asian Tier 2 GSM Operator | Prepaid Fraud & Security Review

All aspects of the prepaid service were evaluated including technical, IT, payment, physical, logistics and communications security. The review included assessing the client's processes, techniques and procedures for the detection, analysis and investigation of prepaid fraud and security incidents from both internal and external attack.

CIS Region Tier 1 GSM Operator | GPRS & WLAN Services Security Review

A comprehensive review of the GPRS and WLAN networks was undertaken, including the design and interconnection to the corporate and content provision areas. Præsidium's review included operations & maintenance and provisioning & billing record collection, as these areas impact significantly on the security of the GPRS and WLAN networks from both a customer and technical perspective.

Western African Tier 2 GSM Operator | M-Commerce Platform Security Audit

An end-to-end technical design review from a security perspective of the systems that comprised the M-Commerce Prepaid Management System, which included the application program interfaces, over-the-air (OTA) functionality and compatibility with SIM manufacturers. The audit included an evaluation of the entire manual, semi-automated and automated processes, procedures and policies that surround the M-commerce prepaid service, including the fraud and security reporting in place for the identification, analysis and investigation of suspected losses.

Australasian Tier 1 Fixed & Mobile Operator | Product & Services Security Reviews

Præsidium was commissioned to provide off-site technical security advice relating to a range of different products and services, which included topics such as SMS spamming, SS7 security, VOIP risks and interconnect bypass.

Prepaid Voucher Manufacturer | Prepaid Voucher Vendor Audit and Product Integrity Testing

Annual auditing of prepaid voucher production facility and integrity testing of prepaid vouchers.

Asian Pacific Risk Management Software Vendor | Technical and Market Review

Præsidium reviewed the product positioning of the system's functional capabilities and its market positioning with respect to competitive offerings. The aim was to benchmark the system and to identify current and future requirements that would ensure future competitiveness.

Northern American Risk Management Software Vendor | Specialist Recruitment Services

Well established American software vendor was seeking to assemble a European sales office, with appropriate sales, presales and technical support staff.
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